Family Testimonials

“The nurses there are angels. We’ve never had better service from anyone in the health care industry. They have hearts of gold. They knew exactly when we needed them to elaborate more on what was going on with our mother; they really helped us.”

I honestly believe the staff and physicians at Maison Vale Hospice could not do a better job with service and most wonderful care given to my wife and our whole family. Service was 150% and way more. Thank your whole staff and physician for the very, very best care available was given.

All staff were fantastic and provided top-notch service, support, and care. We were all very satisfied in how everything was handled from beginning to end.

The staff was amazing from start to finish. First experience with a family member and it was beautiful.

The Hospice was the best choice. From the moment my Dad arrived, we were all treated amazingly. Any questions or concerns we had were addressed right away, no matter what time of day or night it was. I can’t think of one thing I would change at Maison Vale Hospice. The staff made my father’s death so much easier and even held up when we needed. Keep up the amazing work.

The end-of-life process was rendered much easier to deal with in your excellent facility. My father felt very comfortable and was supported throughout his stay. The staff was very cooperative with all of our requests. Thank you for making a difficult time much easier to manage and accept.

“On behalf of our family, words cannot express our gratitude for having the opportunity to have our loved one spend her last days at the Hospice. What a blessing to her, she was in a respectful, supportive, and caring environment for her palliative care. For us as a family, I was overwhelmed at the supportive environment for us. As soon as we arrived, I felt a huge sense of relief to show her care with competent, caring professionals. The care team was always practising at the highest level of professionalism, as well as ensuring individual/tailored care to our loved one and for the family. The posthumous rituals were so helpful with our grief process. The physical environment of the Hospice was also very calming and encouraged reflection. I appreciated seeing commemorative plaques, etc. that provided a sense of connection to the other residents and families. You have a very special team of staff and volunteers – their authentic and passionnate approach is remarkable. Keep up the indispensable and excellent work.”

“Thank you for all of the love, support, caring, and tenderness you gave Mom and our family. It will always be treasured in our hearts. One of the most beautiful experiences of our lives.”

“My cousin was handled with so much love and care even though his family was not there. As he put it, it was the bestest of the best. And after his death that day, four young people (staff) called me to see how I was doing and gave me details of how he looked and the prayers that were said over his body. What pity there is not more like this loving place. I could go on. Ever grateful. Thanks to all the staff.”

“Thank you so very much for taking such good care of my grampa. You truly inspire me to be a better person! Beautiful place.”

“The wonderful reputation of your facility and staff proved to be true, and much more. Thank you for your loving care of my friend.”

“I cannot describe the feeling of relief that I felt when my Mom was wheeled through the front doors. I knew that she would be looked after by such wonderful and caring staff.”

“Thanks for looking after our friend and giving him such a beautiful place to gather with people who loved him.”

“This was the second stay for one of our family members, and the staff made their stay comfortable and provided them with independence and dignity during their final journey.”

“The service received was perfect in every way! Sudbury is truly blessed to have the Hospice. We can only hope that all health care services are provided with the same compassion and clarity of vision. At the most difficult moment we face, it was comforting to know we were in the hands of experts, as well as volunteers who were extraordinary in their ability to support and care.”

“We let others know of the Hospice, for their loved ones. The care was better than we were doing at home. Entering the Hospice was enlightening — past the door, we felt a sense of relief — welcome home feeling — very special aura — melting moment. We felt that he was at peace at that moment. He was in good hands — loving hands. My children have highest regards for the Hospice’s end-of-life care service. Thank you.”

“You could not improve the care you gave my husband and family members or me. The staff were fantastic. I’m very happy I brought him there for his last hours of life. It was only for a short time. He received good care. It took a lot of pressure off me so I could spend more time with him. I think the Hospice is a good place to spend the last days and months or weeks of anyone’s life. I really appreciate all the care my husband and family received, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

“Thank you very much to all the volunteers and staff for providing such amazing unconditional love/care.”

“My mother’s prayers were answered. She passed at the Hospice, pain-free and surrounded by her daughters. My youngest sister and I are nurses and my middle sister is a massage therapist. All three of us were in awe of the loving, compassionate care given to our Mom by everyone at the Hospice. We were so grateful that the physicians were able to completely manage her pain. It was a bleeding to be with her when she took her final breath. God Bless.”

“Maison Vale Hospice staff and volunteers made my mother’S final days virtually pain-free, yet she was still able to spend quality time with her loved ones. Just the right balance of privacy and quality of care provided. The spiritual program was very supportive, even though our family is not overly religious — again, very professional and balanced. Having the privilege to spend every moment possible with my mother at the end meant the world to me — warm blankets, hot coffee and soup, such caring volunteers, made me feel like I was their own family, yet made sure I was taking care of myself as well. I truly wish everyone at end-of-life was able to experience this wonderful facility.”

“My family is so grateful for the opportunity to have our mother pass at the Hospice. We really needed the support and guidance we received. My sisters lived there for the whole 9 days and they were happy to be able to stay. We are forever grateful to the staff and volunteers here.”

“My dad was only there for 8 hours before he died. The staff and facility made a lasting and warm impression on our family. The staff was compassionate yet realistic. All of our, and my father’s, needs were met. I was incredibly impressed and have spoken highly of the facility to others. I’m grateful that we could give my father that gift in his last hours of life. Thank you!”

“My daughter and I were very impressed at the thoughtful and excellent treatment that all the staff gave to our loved one during the difficult period she was in the Hospice. Thank you so much.”

“I do believe all staff are angels doing God’s work on earth. I truly believe that my mom passing there did make it easier on my family and loved one. And as for myself, I was so much stronger for all my family and friends. And I still feel stronger believing, even though my mom is gone, she couldn’t have passed in a better place with people who have hearts of gold. Thank you with all my heart. My mom had the best care there could have been and now she can rest in peace.”

“We were impressed with the total atmosphere of caring and, although many go through the doors, we did not feel that we were just ‘a number’. Thank you for your compassion and respect.”

“I guess I was naive as I didn’t look at the Hospice as ‘end-of-life’. We were thinking that since we heard awesome things about the Hospice that we wanted that for my sister. We wanted the best for her. But didn’t realize the magnitude and the degree of care and love the Hospice exudes to their patients and family. It’s like being enveloped in a warm and loving hug, a safe place, a heavenly place here on earth. It’s a place that everyone leaving this earth/world should have the opportunity to experience. My sister was very reluctant to go at first because she said it meant that she was ‘giving up’. Only after one day my sister could not stop praising her caregivers/staff and her lovely surroundings and room. It made her feel special like she was someone important due to her individual care and that she was not in a place of death. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are! And the quilts are an awesome touch, a very homey and loving feel.”

“When I wasn’t able to manage my mother’s pain and care at home, luckily there was a bed available when she needed it. The admission was as smooth as it could be. The staff was wonderful and eased my feelings of guilt (that I wasn’t able to manage at home by myself). I was able to become just a daughter and focus all of my attention on my mom without the difficult physical care that my mom needed. Thank you very much for providing end-of-life care for my mom.”

The Hospice was truly a home away from home for me as I spent the last 6 days with my Dad. Everyone was very caring and concerned with my Dad and myself. It gave my Dad the privacy and dignity he so wished for at the end of his life. Thank you all again so very much.”

“Beyond any expectations, the Hospice provided my loved one, myself, our families, and friends with exceptional, professional, compassionate care. I only wish that access to this hospice care was universal — for we should all have the right to end our days with love, care, and comfort — something that I truly could not have managed without Maison Vale Hospice. A heartfelt thank you to all who make this end-of-life journey a final chapter giving us and our loved one life in the days remaining.”

“My entire family have nothing but the highest regard and heartfelt appreciation for every single person associated with the Hospice. We were treated with kindness, honesty, and sincerity from the moment we walked in the door until that very difficult moment we left after our mom’s death. The time we were given alone with her body to grieve was very sacred. We will always be comforted by the memories of your hospitality and warmth.”

“My daughter went to Hospice with one goal — not to go and die but to live before she died. And she did! Bless you all for your work and especially your compassion to your people. When you were hired for Hospice, they really chose the cream of the crop.

Recently my family and I went to the memorial service at the Marguerite Lougheed Centre. Upon entering, we felt as if we were coming home to other members of our family so good and loving was the reception there. I am sure that everyone there felt the same. Your smiling faces and the love you generated was overwhelming. Thank you!”

“Thank you, all staff and volunteers, for your care of our loved one through this difficult time. You were all an answer to a prayer. You gave him care and you respected him. Thank you as well for the care you gave to me and our children. I thank God for all of you and pray that He will bless your work at the Hospice and that you will continue to show compassion to all who come to the Hospice for care.”